This morning was HIAH Get Strong Phase 3, Workout C: High Pulls, Overhead Presses and Squats.  Good workout – will increase my weights the next time. 

I rarely get involved in conversations while working out.  I am focused on getting it done and not talking.  I dislike the level of chatting that goes on.  Today – was a different animal – probably because the 52DC is not in session and I don’t feel the pressure to hit the numbers. 

It all started last night.  We were driving home from dinner.  My wife was driving since my last drink was too close to driving time and I do not want to be the next morning’s headlines.  As we passed by one building – which rumor had it – was to house a new NYSC – one with a pool – I spotted the Logo across the front of the building.  Rumor no more – reality was upon us.  Told my wife to reset the odometer to get an accurate measure on the distance to the house.  3.5 miles – less than half of the distance to my present NYSC location.

This morning, I started asking around.  “It will be open in April – no August.”  No one knows for sure.  Are they closing one of the other two locations?  No one knows – but everyone is concerned that the county can not support another facility in this economy.

The original rumor was that the big commercial bakery next door to the present NYSC would take over this building.  A couple of the guys from there, walked in and we asked them.  Nope – not going to happen.  But – who knows.  As the saying goes – “Its the Economy – Stupid.”

Then one of the guys who is very – let me repeat – very heavily muscled – starting talking about low carbing to the guys from the bakery.  You guessed it – I could not keep my mouth shut.  He was focused on the Paleo Diet – I suggested TNT.  Continued the discussion about energy and carbs and fats – etc.  He’ll check it out.  But can he still have his 12 bottles of beer on Saturday nights?

Then my friend arrived.  This is the guy who over 4 years ago had lost weight and started exercising.  His progress pushed me to start.  That he belonged to this gym – well that got me going.  He had a PT, I eventually hired the same guy.  That he worked out early in the morning – got me to do the same.  And for a while we were on the same track – but then – things changed.

He slowly moved away from any resistance training and spent a solid 90 minutes on the treadmill.  I moved away from cardio into resistance training and free weights.  He started exercising at the end of the day and I started to come even earlier than before.  And then his time at the gym became erratic and over the last year he has put on a lot of the weight he had lost – not all of it – but a bunch.  To top it off, his good knee is now ready for a knee replacement just as his other one was 5 plus years ago.

He warmed up on the hand bike and tried the elliptical – but ended up walking slowly on the treadmill for 5 minutes.  He did some curls and presses with a lighter barbell – trying to remember what he had been doing.  We then went to the floor area and he did some swiss ball crunches.  I showed him Planks.  We looked at the cable station and the pull downs and the assisted pull up machine.  The man has NO upper body strength.  I gave him my copy of the BBOE and talked him through different aspects of it.

I tried to convince him that he does not need a Personal Trainer but just a structured program to follow.  He has got to get his knee looked at and make some decisions.  Today was day one for him.  He may be there tomorrow.  We’ll see.

I did more talking at the gym this morning than I have done in the last 4 years.  Not going to happen again – I need my time or I will end up like my friend – losing all my gains – and gaining back all my losses.