There – I said it.  Not real happy.  This is a bitching post – so if you are not in the mood – skip it.

I have never been a guy who developed big muscles – just not my genetic make up.  No matter how much I exercised and concentrated on isolation exercises designed to build BIG arms – never happened.  This has been the reality of my life. 

When I have helped friends do physical work – such as moving or yard work or building a play gym, I would get the comment – You are an animal.  They were always surprised at my strength.  Fat or thin – I just never looked strong.  In my youth, that brought a smile.  Now it is an annoyance.

I went on line and found some information about age related muscle loss.  Here is some of what I found at one medical site.

Male muscle loss is a common symptom of andropause and it manifests itself in the loss of muscle strength and overall muscle mass. Age related muscle loss, or sarcopenia can start as early as 20 or 25 but is most drastic after age 60. Over time, muscle cells atrophy and start converting muscle fibers into fat as a result of motor neurons no longer sending signals to your brain to move the muscles.

There is a proportional relationship between declining Testosterone Levels in Men and muscle loss in men. Testosterone is vital to producing strong muscles, they go hand in hand. The hormone binds to receptors in your muscle cells, telling your muscles to contract and grow. When your body is experiencing a loss of testosterone it can cause male muscle loss because there is not enough of the hormone to bind to your muscle cells.

Muscles will naturally experience atrophy if the body is largely inactive; if you don’t use the muscles, you will likely lose them. Every year between the ages of 25 and 60, the physically inactive male will lose muscle mass and muscle strength at a rate of .5% and although this number may seem low, it adds up quickly. After the age of 60, male muscle loss doubles to about 1% every year.  After 70, muscle mass and muscle strength declines by 2% every year.  This doubling continues every ten years until death. Poor nutrition is also a key factor in male muscle loss. Muscles need protein to grow and if your diet is high in sugar and low in protein, your muscles will not have the fuel they need to regenerate resulting in male muscle loss.

Their solution: Hormone replacement therapy.   

I am still getting stronger.  I can do more now than I could do 4 years ago when I started.  I can do more now than I could do a year ago or even a couple of months ago.  If I am getting stronger, than my muscles should be getting bigger – nope.

What is the reason for this post?  I have allowed my eating to be a bit less controlled so that I could make sure my body had the necessary components for building muscles.  All I ended up with is increased weight that shows up as increased fat around the gut. 

None of this makes sense.  Greater strength should translate into bigger muscles – why not me?  I then look at the above statistics and quake in fear. 

Now I know why Sylvester Stallone, who is two years my junior is taking Human Growth Hormone and anything else he can find to keep those muscles from fading away.

As much as I would like to look like Rambo himself – I am not about to take HGH or Testosterone.   Instead – I will just keep working out.

I will be finishing HIAH Phase 3 Get Strong by this Saturday and starting 3A next Monday.  The Spring 52DC starts on that Wednesday and I have the Insane 15,000 to push me on.  Hopefully –  this will help hold back the hands of time.