I am trying to determine how to proceed with the Insane 15,000.  I know that my basic workout is going to be HIAH Get Strong and Get Evan Stronger workouts.  In addition to those, I will be doing Cardio and Body Weight exercises.  I have to hit my numbers.  Can’t let Capt DHD beat me.  And now there are several others who are signing on.  Who would have thunk it.

Here is my possible workout, based in part upon my 3600 performance during the 52DC.

Exercise Winter 52DC Spring 52DC # per workout
Hanging Leg Raises: 1150 1200 60
Dumbbell Squat raises 0 1200 60
Dips: 1150 1200 60
Push-ups: 4200 4580 230
Swiss Ball Crunches: 5800 3000 150
Chin-ups: 715 800 40
Cuban Presses 0 800 40
Cardio 0 420 20
HIAH Workout 0 1800 90




I wonder if this is doable.  There is still some pencil sharpening that needs to be done and some refinement to the “rules” of the 15,000. 

Going to be interesting.