This morning was HIAH Get Strong Phase 3 Workout B – the unilateral one.  Since I have been paying more attention to the Number of Reps per workout in preparation for the Insane 15,000 on the 52DC, I really liked this workout.  Why?  Because it doubles the normal number of reps per workout. 

I now must pay attention to the exercise specific warm-up sets.  I warm up prior to working out with Swiss Ball Crunches and Decline Push-ups.  (This morning I tried those with one leg up in the air – this bore a striking resemblance to a dog urinating.)  I also warm up prior to each exercise by doing the exercise with one set of lighter weights but at higher reps.  If the exercise is to be done at 100 pounds for 5 reps, I will do it at 50 pounds for 10-15 reps to get the muscles ready to go.  Now I need to record those sets.  I am going to have to re-do my HIAH charts to include a place to record those sets.

This information must be recorded in the manner in which I was recording my 3600 info – but expanded.  Here is the link to my Insane 15,000 Chart.  I will probably use the 3600 function on the 52DC Tracking Spread Sheet to record all my information, but since I don’t carry a computer with me in the gym, this clip board sheet will have to do.  I’ve included Cuban presses in what is otherwise a list of body weight exercises.  That is specifically for shoulder “pre-hab” as Rookie is prone to say.  The Dumbbell swings are just a more challenging form of a body weight squat.

When Capt DHD and I came up with this idea, it was really only between us.  We opened it up to others with little if any anticipation that there were any other Crazies out there.  Surprise!  So far – 8 others have donned straight jackets.  I wonder what the final count will be, one week from now when the Spring 2011 52DC starts.