On March 12, 2007, exactly four years ago, I adopted the Low Carb lifestyle and started exercising. I was 62 1/2 and weighed in at 260 pounds. In November 2007, I discovered the Men’s Health TNT Diet. In the summer of 2008, I found the 52 Day Challenge. Sometime after that, I started this Blog which was originally under the 52DC. I migrated to this site in August 2009 and got this up and moving by October 2009.   

A lot of what I have been through is detailed in my Posts and in the Pages of this Blog.  This Blog itself has undergone changes, with a greater emphasis on Low Carb recipes – not because I am a cook – but because they are straight forward items that most anyone can make.  I have also put in some effort on trying to post my workout Logs that I have used with the various programs.  Given the number of views, I believe that others have found them helpful.

This is the longest period of time that I have been able to stay true to an exercise program and to hold myself in a target weight range.  No – it is not easy.  I am constantly working at it and on myself.  Just to fess up – my weight is up a couple of pounds.  I was exercising hard and wanted to make sure I had the nutrients available for muscle growth.  I relaxed my controls just a bit too much.  I got that off my chest in a prior post.  Now it is time to stop bitching and take off 3+ pounds. 

Here are a few of the things I’ve learned over the past 4 years – in no particular order:

  • Low Carb eating is more natural for me than Low Fat. 
  • Low Carb eating is easier for me to follow, especially since I eat in Restaurants – a lot.
  • Low Carb eating naturally leads to the elimination of highly processed foods.  I eat very few foods that are sold in bags or boxes.
  • The Food Industry is attempting to create Low Carb highly processed foods.   Slowly – but ever so surely they are undoing the benefits of eating Low Carb.  Atkins is a leader in this industry as Weight Watchers is in the Low Fat world.
  • Energy or Protein Bars are Candy – terrible tasting Candy but Candy nevertheless.
  • TNT Low Carb eating is an excellent marriage of the Low Carb Lifestyle and Exercise Nutrition.  Thank you Jeff and Adam for writing that book.
  • Since starting this Journey, I have been healthier than I have ever been.  Is it due to Low Carb eating, weight loss, Exercising or a combination of all of these?  I don’t know – it just is.
  • Most of the Health and Nutrition world is still singing the Low Fat song – written by the Food Industry.
  • My bad back and knees were never an impediment to doing dead lifts and squats – that was fear and reliance on false information.  Yes, I have to be careful and yes the knees are a limitation, but doing these exercises is now a reality.
  • Doing Free Weights is much better than doing machines.
  • Doing Resistance Training is better than doing Cardio.
  • Total Body or Compound exercises are better than Isolation exercises.
  • There is nothing wrong with doing Body Weight exercises instead of free weights.
  • Following a structured Resistance Training program is a necessity.  I can not trust myself to do it on my own.  I will default to the easiest exercises and lightest weights.
  • The TNT, NROL, BBOE & HIAH structured programs all have value, in their own way.
  • The BBOE is an excellent source of basic exercise information.  I find myself constantly going back to it.
  • Most fitness authors write about nutrition – they should stick to fitness.
  • Bro-science pervades the internet and fitness sites.
  • Bro-scientists will run you off the board if you disagree with them.
  • The Men’s Health Forums have been a tremendous help.
  • Blogging has been a great way to keep me focused on my health and fitness.
  • The MH TNT Forum has been an excellent support system and is a continuing source of encouragement.  It is the place that more than anywhere else, I pay it forward.
  • The MH Forum 52 Day Challenge is truly an amazing peer run fitness site.  It has been around for 9 years and just keeps getting better.  I enjoy being part of it and hope to be able to continue.
  • There are a number of really nice individuals who participate in the 52DC who I would never otherwise have an opportunity to meet or interact.
  • Having dinner with a couple of the 52DC Challengers was a really nice turn of events.
  • Being able to fit into clothing that I wore a year or two ago is a continuing joy.
  • Being able to buy clothing in normal sizes is wonderful.
  • Buying slim fit clothing is even nicer.
  • Not having to wear “relaxed” fit old men’s jeans makes me happy.  That my brother wears them – Priceless.
  • Sill not happy about the damage I did to my body, but I will not have surgery to remove the excess skin around my gut;  at least not yet.
  • I may not lift the heaviest weights in the gym, but at 66, I am able to beat out most guys half my age.
  • Being able to do unassisted chin-ups and dips is a hoot.  It also makes you one of “those” guys.
  • Being able to do chin-ups and dips with added weight hanging from a belt – is a double hoot.
  • Being able to do multiple sets of decline push-ups is great.
  • Being able to pick up the other end of a couch and help move it, when others back away – nice.
  • Being able to get up off the floor without crawling over to a chair for help; or being able to get up from a chair without leaning on the chair’s arms or on the table makes me happy.  For that matter, being able to get down onto the floor without assistance is great.
  • Being able – just being able – is really nice.

Four years after starting on this journey, I am one happy fellow.