The Spring 52 Day Challenge starts today, Wednesday, March 16, 2011.  Here are my posted Goals:

  • CE: 96/104
  • RT: 20
  • CT: 20
  • PG1: 40-4-40
  • PG2: Insane 15,000 Mini Challenge
  • PG3: 5% Challenge which equates to 9.25 pounds.  That would take me to 175.75 or the about lowest weight that I have been since starting low carbing.  I do not expect to get there, I just want to be on the other side of 180.

The real heart and soul of this Challenge is the Insane 15,000.  Here is an outline of how those numbers break out.

  • Swiss Ball Crunches: 3000 @ 150 per day x 20 days
  • Push-ups: 4580 @ 230 per day x 20 days
  • DB Single Arm Swings: 1200 @ 60 per day x 20 days
  • Chin-ups: 800 @ 40 per day x 20 days
  • Hanging Leg Raises: 1200 @ 60 per day x 20 days
  • Dips: 1200 @ 60 per day x 20 days
  • Cuban Presses: 800 @ 40 per day x 20 days
  • Cardio: 420 @ 20 per day x 20 days
  • HIAH Get Lean: 1800 @ 90 per day x 20 days
  • Total: 15000 @ 750 per day x 20 days
Generally, I will be working out 6 days a week alternating RT & CT days.  On my RT days I will do the HIAH workout and add the Crunches and Push-ups.  On the Cardio days, I will do 20 minutes of Intervals on the Treadmill and add all of the other individual exercises.  I will do them in a circuit format.  This should play out to approximately 375 units a day. 
The numbers assigned to each exercise is a rough estimate.  Some may go higher – some will trend lower.  I may exceed certain exercise goals – crunches are one that may exceed the assigned goal – but with them – I do not expect to count the excess towards the 15,000.  It would be too easy to overload that end of the workout.  Push-ups – on the other hand – are a more intense exercise that hits many different muscles – so I have no problem in setting a high number of reps for that one.  I just hope that I can hit 800 on the Chin-ups.  Unlike the 3600 – the individual components are not fixed.
If there are no bumps in the road, this should play out OK.  I will need to really push myself to accomplish the minimum number on any given day.  That is not going to be easy.  If I miss a workout, I will need to find a way to make it up.
With this workout schedule – the 40-4-40 is a certainty as are the RT & CT goals.  
Clean Eating is not a problem.  Eating at a deficit is.  I am going to have to keep a very strong focus – very strong.  I have put my name out there in the 5% Weight Loss Challenge.  I am not one who loses weight as part of a Challenge or even group effort.  It has always been a very personal endeavor.  Gotta get it done. 
I am going to stick with TNT Plan B (for now) even though it gives me an extra 150 or so Carbs per week for 7.43 weeks of the Challenge.  The increase in calories equates to a solid 1.25 – 1.5 pounds of possible weight gain.  Hold on – I am a TNTer – I can not think like this.  Focus on portion size and trim down on the “extras.”  Say good-bye to peanut butter and watch my wine intake.  I will probably have to cut back on Sour Cream and Mayo – cut back – not eliminate – portion size Rules.
Weight loss is so much easier when you have a lot to lose.   This is already starting to drive me bonkers.   Spaz