In the past four years, I have been confronted with numerous individuals who are confounded by Low Carbing.  Their response is always one of disbelief and at times statements that are just insulting.  I shake it off.  Why – because I can look in the mirror, check my blood work reports and know the reality.

I have dieted all my life and that is 50 years worth of dieting.  I can count calories in my head without looking them up or recording them on fitday.  I am a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.  I can tell what year a picture of me was taken by how fat or thin I was.  I also know what I have been eating during the last 4 years and the impact on my weight.

Do I believe that the quantity of food matters – yes – I can over eat on any diet.  Do I believe that for the first 70 pounds of my weight loss cycle, that I was eating at a deficit – no.  I do know that when you get close to the bone, you have to pay attention to what you eat.  Portion sizes are everything – and yes – I may have to cut down on some dietary fats to blast away at the last couple of pounds.  So what.  I also have to re-examine my carb intake and rid my eating of those “sneaky” carbs – the ones that I had ignored up until then.

On the MH Forums there are a several individuals, including some Mods who disdain any type of Low Carb eating. Their minds are locked into the Calories in – Calories out world. That is their belief – that is their right. It is when they intrude – nastily – on mine that I get upset.

I have a civil way of handling these individuals – “We will just have to agree to disagree.” That is my standard way to end a discussion or argument and for the most part it works.  This time it didn’t.  The individual had to resort to an ad hominem attack.  This is not surprising, I have seen him and his compadres do it to others who have asked questions.  And of course, it stifled any discussion that would have been generated by that post from individuals who actually believe that there is real value in Low Carb eating.

Here is the Link to the Discussion on Taubes’ book, Why We Get Fat.

I am burning calories galore just sitting at my desk and typing – you can tell by the steam coming out of my ears.

BTW: I went back to the gym this morning. Tried to do a light workout, keep it under control. I have such fear that the tear in the retina will re-open. But – I’m Back.