When I did the counting for the Insane 15000, I estimated that the total number of reps in any one HIAH workout was approximately 80-90, counting exercise specific warm up reps.  I did not look to see what the Get Lean program had to offer.  I just assumed that it would be more of the same.  Not So.   Workouts A=80, B=140 x 2 (unilateral) and C = 200.  Add the warm up reps and you can be doing – well – a lot of reps.  Good.

I just posted a page with my log if you want to see the workouts that I will be doing for most of the balance of this 52DC. 

This morning’s workout was the Unilateral One.  First you do a set with you left arm, then your right.  It doubles the reps.  🙂

I ended today’s workout with 655 reps – nice.  Tomorrow will be approximately 300 or so.  I just don’t think it will be enough – so Capt’n – relax – no catching you.