Got up early this morning and made it to the gym by 6:40.  The gym does not open until 7am – but it was – and people were already working out.  I was on the floor by 6:45 with dreams of doing a double.  80 minutes – not so bad.

I started off with Swiss Ball Crunches – did about 350 and about 125 push-ups as my warm up.  Moved on to the HIAH workout.

Workout C is a Light Load:  20-22 rep max, 50 total reps, 75 sec rest

  • Cable Seated Face Pull: This is not difficult but at 20 reps, 10-20 pounds is a lot of weight.
  • Cable Standing Chest Press:  I had just done 125 or more push-ups – why didn’t I check the workout first .  Ouch
  • Squats:  At 20 reps I did these with the bar without added plates.  Focused on squating as low as I could.
  • Reverse Crunch:  Smart – do these after 350 crunches – real smart.  Did not do declines as I had planned.  I just did them as shown.

Total Reps for the HIAH: 255 inclusive of exercise specific warm up reps.

Finished off with more push-ups to bring them to 200.  I like evening things out – the same way I like to make sure the cake or pie is evened off before it gets put away.   I can never leave a plate of cookies with some that are broken or with crumbs.  I have to eat them until the plate is nice and even.  😦

Really thought I could go another 15 minutes or so to hit the 80 minute mark.  Didn’t happen – I just did not trust the kid at the front desk to be able to use the defibrillators – if their batteries had been checked recently.

Got home and started doing the Honey Do List.  Wife got up and made breakfast – nice – with brewed coffee and the morning paper.  Did some more house work and then headed for the office to do a unit of work.  Lunch with the wife at Micky D’s.  Dropped her back off at the office so she could get back to work and support us while I ran errands.  Got a Haircut.  Came home – and – knocked out another 100 push-ups.

Total reps for the day 905 – not bad – Aye.

Going over to friends for dinner – they are basically low carbers but not as strict as I am.  My wife is bringing the makings for Low Carb Ice Cream – basically – a quart of cream, Splenda and some flavoring – probably instant decaf coffee. 

Full Day – Nice Day.