I did it this morning – a Double.  Not just an RT and a CT but two 40 minute workouts – 80 minutes of sweat and toil.  Fun.

Today’s workout included:

  • Cardio: 20 minutes (reps)
  • Swiss Ball Crunches: 240 and 200 at home – 440 reps
  • Push-ups: 100 at the gym and 300 at home – 400 reps
  • Chin-ups: 50
  • DB Single Arm Swings: 70
  • Hanging Leg Raises: 70
  • Dips: 70
  • Cuban Presses: 80
  • Total for today: 1,200

I am still far behind.  It appears that the one goal that is almost mathematically impossible to hit is the 40-4-40.  Just not enough exercise days left, between having guests and heading down to Florida for a bit of a vacation.   As of today, I completed 9.  There are 33 days left in the Challenge and of those 5 are Fridays, my normal day off and 2 are travel days.   Today’s double 40 minute workout is an aberration.  Not going to shed a tear – I am still pushing along and trying to hit my goals for the RT and CT.  The Insane 15000 – that one’s still a roll of the dice.

I did not help my 5% WLC goal last night.  I may have stuck to Low Carb eating and not strayed, but the dish of low carb ice cream – well – that is what fueled the 80 minute workout this morning.

ETA: The day I had planned just did not play out the way I expected.  Instead of ending up at the office for part of the day, I spent the entire day at home, doing things that needed to be done.  My son’s family came over for dinner which compounded the situation, coupled with my wife having to finish preparing for a lecture she’s giving tomorrow night.  All sorts of stuff ended up on my plate.

In order to keep my self sane – I did 200 more push-ups and 200 more crunches.  Total workout was 1,200 reps.  Boy – do I feel it.  Going to be sore tomorrow – actually – right now.

At Capt DHD’s request, here is a video of the Cuban Press – of course I am doing it with light weights, so that I do not injure the rotator cuff – which is the focus of this exercise – at least for me.