Took my daughter and her family to the airport Sunday.  They went back to California.  Wonderful visit.  Their son had an opportunity to spend time with his cousins which was nice.  3000 miles really creates a problem with family ties. 

When I got home, we spent the rest of the day, nailing things down at the office and home, so we could leave on vacation with a clear head.  Felt like we were running  a marathon.  My wife made us up salads with turkey for lunch on the Plane.  The airport food and the food you can buy on the plane are very expensive, highly proccessed carbs with some protein – nope – not for us.

The trip to the airport Monday morning was relatively uneventful.  Got on-line to check in and go through security – slow – real slow.  I went through first – shoes in one bin, computer in another bin, my belt off, watch off and pockets emptied.  Made it through without a problem.  My wife got pulled out of line.  Those salads – too much liquid had settled out and triggered an alarm.  They allowed us to keep our lunch. 

The flight was uneventful.  Even renting a car was not problematic.  On the way to our place, I stopped at the Power House Gym and bought a week’s membership. Got to our vacation place, unpacked and put on bathing suits – hey – it is hot here. The phone rang, friends calling. We ended up there for dinner and swam in their pool. Nice evening. Managed to eat clean.

This morning I tried to get up early to head to the gym. With no office awaiting me, I went back to sleep. I did make it there. The place was empty. I managed to get in a decent workout. Still have more to do today. I want to get in a cardio – but – its hot – its Florida – and the cardio is going to be laps in the pool.  I will be getting up early, the next time I hit the gym – the day and the gym – heat up very quickly.

Since I had a little extra time and had a day off yesterday, I was able to push myself.  I raised the weights on the Cuban Press.  You really have to move slowly on that one.  It is a shoulder – rotator cuff – exercise and there is a fine line between strengthening the area and ripping it to shreds.  Did and extra set of a number of different exercises.  Just took my time.  No pressure. 

Can’t ignore working out.  The 52DC is coming to an end and the good Capt DHD is pushing hard with the Insane 15000 which is now the 25000 but – I suspect he is aiming for 30000.  Why do I get involved in a side challenges with a guys who are more competitive than I am?

Picked up cream for my coffee on the way home.  So nice to sit, look out on the world sipping a cuppa and relaxing.