Being in Florida on vacation and having the ability to exercise without looking at the clock is a real leg up.  The Power House Gym has been a good place to workout in the early morning.  Why get up early on my vacation?  Good Question – I do not want to interfere with the rest of the day or impose on my wife.  Aside from that – I can use the equipment without waiting for others to finish.  For the most part it is a win-win situation, and I can nap later in the day.

Our vacation place is in a development with a number of individuals from our area.  In fact, if you sit at any out-door restaurant in this area – you will see one retiree from up north after another.  The east coast of Florida is filled with them.  A three-hour plane ride gets you to a warmer clime but back to the same people you just left.  Not a problem – it saves a lot of energy making a completely new set of friends, and for those of us who are just occasional visitors, it is a real convenience. 

This is not unusual.  My daughter-in-law’s parents from Montreal have a place further south.  They chose that development because many of their Canadian friends are there.

Any way – getting back to the Challenge, here are my numbers for Thursday, April 28, 2011 – Day 44,  84.62% of the way to the finish line.

  • CE: 87/88/96 (90.63%)
  • RT: 29/20 (145%)
  • CT: 19/20 (95%)
  • PG1 (40-4-40): 45/40 (112.5%)
  • Insane 15000 and Beyond: 25,110/25000 (100.44%)

I am particularly happy about this, since I started the Challenge with 10 Days on the Disabled List with a Retina tear.  I have been busting my hump to catch up to the Good Capt DHD.  He has really been pushing me.  This is a good thing and I am appreciative of his efforts.  Now – where do we stand?  I have 6 more days open to me to exercise.  I will push to hit 30,000, but I do not know if I can do it.  I have one more Cardio to get done.  I will do that by swimming laps.  That gives me time in the gym to pump out the reps – hopefully. 

Constantly pushing – constantly setting the bar higher – only way I know to keep myself from getting bored.

What about the Good Capt’n?  I can never let my guard down with that guy.  He can churn out 1300 reps each workout – while I peak at 1000.  The finish line awaits us.