Last evening we went to a stained glass art show and contest.  A friend of our friends had two pieces entered.  It was the preamble to going out to dinner.   It was interesting to see how many others came out to support her.  She won 2nd place in her category – fused glass.

What I did not realize is how it would affect me.  My glass workshop has been unused and in disarray for a number of years.  So many things got in the way.  Is it time to go back?  I hope so.  When we get home – it will be time to dig it out and re-learn the craft.  I have a big project in mind.  Hope I can pull it off.

After the show, we went to dinner at Bizaare in Lake Worth. We had the entire 2nd floor – a large group composed of some of the artists and their friends. The restaurant was overwhelmed by us. Although the food was excellent, the service – well – it just took forever to get the food out.  My wife and I shared a ceviche.  Fresh and tasty – TNT clean.  I had the Slow braised boneless short ribs served with honey-glazed carrots, and rosemary mash potatoes – forest mushroom demi. I substituted spinach for the carrots and potatoes.  I could not eat the whole thing – strange – in my previous life – it would not have been a problem. 

We had a good time chatting with those around us. The guy across the table from me, had read the TNT Book, followed the diet for a while and liked the exercises. He also bought the BBOE – yes – I could not resist telling him that Adam Campbell had sent me a copy as a gift. I will see him at the gym on Monday morning. His wife kept being shocked at my weight loss. Funny.

Had another chat with a guy who is exercising and trying to figure out when to use the Protein powder. I did not bring this up – but – I was able to talk almost intelligently about the subject.

We did not get to sleep until close to 1:00am – So happy the gym does not open on the weekend until 8am.

This evening we went to Sunfest 2011 along the intercostal in West Palm Beach.  Walked the length and looked at all the crafts and art items for sale.  Stayed away from the food courts which were impossible to eat clean at.  We did stop at one of the three Captain Morgan Barges that had been set up for drinking and dancing.   Youth prevailed. I had a rum and DIET Coke.

Tomorrow night is the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL.