The Spring 52DC has ended.  The Summer Challenge does not start until June 1st.  My last workout was at home on Friday, May 7th.  I wanted to hit the 31,000 mark, so on a day that I had no time to workout – I did 250 push-ups at home.  When the awards ceremony is finally posted, I will chalk up another Platinum. 

This particular Challenge with its own “Insanity” and 10 days on the Disabled List, was a tough one.  So – I am taking a full week off from exercise.  Strange feeling – but damn – I need it.

On this past Friday’s thread, the host, TJAK posted the following Question of the Day: “Take this time to give thanks to any person that has inspired, pushed, poked or prodded you along during this challenge and kept you moving in the right direction.”  I was surprised – actually shocked – at the number of individuals that thanked me and said that I was an inspiration.  Where does that come from?  I am just another guy in the Challenge who experiences all the normal “bumps” on the road to fitness.

There are so many individuals who have weathered more storms.  There are those who are recovering from cancer; have lost their jobs; suffered the loss of a child, a parent, or a sibling; and those that are going through a divorce and dealing with custody and visitation of their children.  There are those who have lost significant amounts of weight and are losing more.  There are those dealing with diabetes and cardiac difficulties.  These are individuals who deserve praise.  These are individuals who are inspirations.  These are people who inspire me.  Strange – just strange.

Exercise and weight loss.  The myth is repeated so many times that we can not help but believe it.  If you want to lose weight – exercise.  Bull.  Time magazine had a write-up on it about a year ago.  Exercise makes you hungry and you eat more.  After all – you’ve worked up an appetite. 

I worked out like a devil this past Challenge and had no real weight loss.  Capt DHD, who worked out harder than me – actually had a 3 pound gain.  I am not exercising this week and my weight is dropping.  WTF. 

Weight loss = Diet.  We can argue Calories In/Calories Out or Low Fat vs. Low Carb.  We can argue all we want, but weight loss is directly related to what we eat and not how we exercise.  Yes – there is an exercise impact – but for the average person, it is small – real small.  Any person who has had a serious weight loss knows this.  Look around the gym and you can’t help but notice all the real strong Fat guys.

Exercise makes you stronger and healthier – no question.  Exercise keeps you focused on your over all health and diet goals.  Exercise – in and of itself – does not make you thin.  There is only a very limited amount of time that you can exercise vigorously at a caloric deficit before it starts to impair your health. 

Myths die hard.