It would be nice if the Wagon came with seat belts.  It is too damn easy to fall right off the Wagon.  No – I do not mean alcohol – since I never gave that up.

This past 52DC was a tough one.  I pushed myself hard, racing all the way to keep up with Capt DHD.  I decided to take a week off from working out.  No big deal – you would think.  Tomorrow is the day I should go back to the Gym. 

What I am finding is that I do not want to go back – I don’t want to continue controlling my eating – I want to say the hell with it all – and go back to being a fat sloth.  I hear all those voices in my head telling me to continue my hiatus – after all I deserve the rest.  I have worked so hard over the past 4+ years – time for an extended vacation.  Enjoy myself like everyone else.

This has been the pattern over my entire life.  Lose the weight – get in shape and then go to hell in a barrel.

I can’t let this happen again.  I have to get back on the wagon.  I have no choice but to wake up early tomorrow and get my sorry arse to the gym.  First, I must decide what workout I am going to do and prepare my chart.  Can’t go unprepared – maybe I’ll go Sunday instead.

Why doesn’t the Wagon come with seat belts?


Edit: 5-14-11

Went to the Gym this morning.  Did HIAH Get Lean 1A – Super Heavy.  Nope.  Had to back down a bit since this was the first day back after an 8 day rest.

Amazing how short a 40 minute workout is.  It has been a while since I held myself to just that time frame.  Most of my workouts are a full hour or more.

Still not sure if I will follow the HIAH Get Lean program or switch to one of the other programs.  I may do the Get Lean until the next 52DC starts and switch after that.  Yet to be determined.