Beautiful Sunny Day – finally.  Made it to the gym first thing.   It was relatively empty even of the usuals.  No question that a Sunny Day after a solid week plus of RAIN made everyone think of doing things out doors.

Today was HIAH Get Lean – Phase 2 – Workout B – the unilateral one – medium load.  Had to find a weight that would limit me to 10-12 reps per set and get in 35 total reps. 

I had to reposition a bench by a cable machine to give my arm the correct angle to pull down.  The fixed seat was too close.  The Standing Cable Chest Press was at the same station.

Ah – then came the reverse lunges.  Man oh man do I hate lunges.  My knees just gave me one hell of a problem.  I moved to an isolated cable area and tried to hold on to the pole and replicate the move.  I call this an assisted Lunge.  By the 3rd set, I was able to let go and actually get the form close to what it was supposed to be.  Gonna have to do a lot of warming up on this one.

The Standing Cable woodchop was not a problem – finding the right weight is always the trick.  I catagorize all reps/sets done with a too light weight as a warm up set.

I was home by 8am and fixed breakfast: Steak and Eggs a top of fried onions.  Happiness.  Breakfast is the time to use up the night before’s left overs.

A leisurely breakfast, reading the newspaper and brewed coffee. This is the way to start the day.

Then – start setting up the patio and pool deck.  All of our summer furniture and stuff is stored in an enclosed unheated porch/room which connects the house to the deck around the above ground pool.  We had also dumped stuff in there over the winter when we where too lazy to take it down the basement.  I’ve done a lot of stair climbing.  Between the Lunges and the stairs – my knees don’t like me anymore.

I’ve pretty much determined my goals for the Summer Challenge.  Here are my initial thoughts:

  • CE: 96
  • RT: 20 (Basic HIAH Workout)
  • CT: 20
  • PG1 (40-4-40)
  • PG2: 3600 Challenge (in addition to basic workout)
  • Swiss Ball Crunches: 500
  • Push-Ups: 600
  • Chin-ups: 500
  • DB Single Arm Swings: 500
  • Hanging Leg Raises: 500
  • Dips: 500
  • Cuban Presses: 500

I expect to exceed the 3600 number – but bluntly – I do not want to push myself.  Summer is here and I would like to enjoy it.

Now – back to the Patio.