After receiving a goodly amount of advice, I have re-jiggered the Workout.  I expanded the Template designed by Craig Rasmussen which is laid out on pages 28 & 29 of the BBOE to 3 Workouts per week.  I am going to follow Adam Campbell’s advice (BBOE page 12) and structure the workouts as follows: Workout A – 5 reps, B – 15, C – 10.   This Workout will be my basic RT for the first 4 weeks of the Challenge.  I will than change it around.  I do not now know if that change will just re-assign the 5/15/10 reps or change-up the actual exercises.  Time will tell.  Here is my final take (maybe) on TNT Man’s DIY Workout.  You are welcome to use this Log or have fun designing your own workout.

But this is not all of it. As part of my daily warm up, I will include:

  • Swiss Ball Crunches
  • Push-Ups

Alternating with the general RT workout will be Cardio days which will include intervals on the Treadmill along with the following exercises done in a Circuit format:

  • Chin-ups
  • DB Single Arm Swings
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Dips
  • Cuban Presses

Now on to the Summer 2011 52DC Starting Line.

PS: I have done two weeks of HIAH Get Lean Phase 2.  I am not going to complete Get Lean at this point in time.