I did Workout A yesterday.  The local town did not allow the gym to open until 1:00pm because of the holiday.  I got a workout in at about 3:30 pm.  The place was filled with individuals below the age of 25.  Geessh – never been called Sir so many times in one workout.

My goal in doing these workouts is to limit myself to 25 reps per exercise per workout.  Workout A is set at 5 rep max per each set.  That means the weight must be set so I can do no more than 5 reps in a set.  This becomes 5 reps x 5 sets at a heavy weight.

WORKOUT A: 25 Rep Max

1 Planks:  My goal here was to do 5 planks held for 60 seconds each.  I was able to do them at 30 seconds each.  Note to self: really need to get a Timer.

The next two exercises are done alternating A then B for each set.

2A Barbell Dead Lift – Bent Knee:  I started this one off on a lighter weight and then added weight.  I ended up with 90 pounds + the 45 pound bar. 

2B Cable Crossover Rear Lateral Raise:  After doing one set of the dead lifts, I moved over to the cable machine.  The weight slid was sticky.  I may have to bring my own oil or switch this out for Dumbbells.

Once I did all of the sets of 2A and 2B, I switched over to 3A and 3B, again doing them as an alternating pair for each set.

3A Barbell Squat:  I was lucky that the Squat machine I like was not in use – the one closest to the Benches so I can alternate with the Bench Press.  I did not go for the heaviest of weights since I did not feel that my knees where sufficiently warmed up.  By set 5, I was able to squat much more deeply.

3B Barbell Bench Press:  Not having done this exercise for a long while, I started this one off on a lighter weight and then added weight.  I ended up with 70 pounds + the 45 pound bar.  I can bring this to 90 relatively quickly.

The major problem with doing A & B as alternating sets, is the availability of the machines.  During the time I work out, I usually can make it happen.  If not – well I just will not alternate the sets but do each exercise discretely.

Yes – I use the “towel-on-the-bar” as a method of saving the machine while I do the alternating set on another machine.

The next workout – B – is set as a light workout.  Again – I limit my total reps be exercise to 25 and set the weight to limit my reps per set to 15.   This should mean 15 reps on set one and 10 reps on set two.

Since I am not following someone else’s workout design, I am constantly examining the routine for clues on how to make it more efficient.  Interesting process.

The Summer 52DC starts tomorrow.  I need to be back to it.  This is the last entry in the Interlude section.  I will creat a new Catagory for the Summer 52DC.   

ETA: After reviewing the Reps per set, I’ve decide to change an absolute number for a range.

  • 5 reps: 4-6.  If I can’t do 4, then reduce the weight.  When I hit 6, increase the weight.
  • 10 reps: 8-11.
  • 15 reps: 13-16

This should provide a bit more flexibility.