Today I am doing Daily Host duties for the 52DC.  I always enjoy this.  It allows for some level of interaction with other Challengers – even though they are out there in Cyber Space.

I got up early this morning  and went to the Gym – no surprise there.  Today was WORKOUT C of the BBOE DIY program – I have found typos in my log – page 223 should be 323 and this Workout was titled A – Note to self – clean up and replace the Log attached to the Design It Yourself page.  ETA – Done.

First I warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 20 push-ups with my feet on a bench.  I then started the formal workout which was 25 reps max per each exercise and 10 reps per set.

1. Incline Reverse Crunch:   This was not a problem.  I alternated with doing more push-ups.

2A. Single-Leg DB Dead Lift:  This is not a weight problem – just a balance one – which is why it is so important.

2B. EZ-Bar Pullover:  First time I ever did this.  Not as easy as it looks.  Enjoyed the stretch but need to increase the weight and focus on tensing my core while doing the exercise.

3A. Dumbbell Squat:  It takes me to the 3rd set to be able to do a full squat.  Hate my knees.

3B. T-Push-ups: OUCH!  These are damnably hard to do.  No question.  I could only do a total of six – 3 per side – in each set and punked out after the 3rd set.