This morning was my second go round with Workout A.  I made some minor changes from the first time I did this one.  I switched to DB Rear Lateral Raise from the Cable ones.  Why? The cable machine closest to where I needed to work was “sticky.”  I am not bringing my own can of oil – so Dumbbells it is.

Also, I switched back to TNT Plan B with protein/carb shakes both before and after.  Doing this means that I really have to watch my food intake the remainder of the day or I easily over indulge.

I warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 25 decline push-ups with my feet on a bench.

WORKOUT A: 25 Rep Max

1 Planks:  I was able to do 5 planks – holding each for 60 seconds.  As I approached the 60 second mark – my body started to twitch – good feeling.  I needed a full minute rest between planks.  They are tougher than they look.

2A Barbell Dead Lift – Bent Knee:  My back was a bit iffy today so I kept the weight at the 70 pound mark.

2B Dumbbell Rear Lateral Raise:  This was the first time I used the Dumbbells – so spent a little time hitting the right weight.

It took me awhile to set up both the Squat machine and the Bench Press.  People are such slobs.  They leave weights on machines, remove clips from the area – just annoying.

3A Barbell Squat:  I set the weight at 90 pounds, or 2 – 45’s plus the bar.  It still took me until the 5th set to be able to come close to a full squat.

3B Barbell Bench Press:  I kept these at  70 pounds or 2 – 35’s plus a 45 pound bar.  My problem here – the area around where I was working out was crowded.  The spotter for the bench behind my head has standing with his ass over my head.  Tight and distracting.  When I am not working with a spotter – I can not be distracted.

The workout lasted in excess of one hour.  Good workout – happy with it.