Summer arrived to the Northern Hemisphere at 1:16pm Eastern time today – Tuesday June 21st.  There will be more daylight today than tomorrow and so it will continue – each day getting just a bit shorter.  I like getting up at 5:15 and heading to the gym while it is light out.  It makes it easier than getting up at the exact same time but in the dark.  Soon enough, that will return.

I spent a huge amount of time this past weekend getting our pool in a swimable condition.  The trees continually dumped their seed pods into the pool.  I need the trees for privacy – I hate the trees.  Cleaning started 10 days before that.  Constant scooping up the crap and dumping it.  Finally on Saturday, I went to the gym and when I came home, I started working in earnest to really clean out the stuff on the bottom.  We put in 5 hours of work – I could have skipped the gym.   Then on Sunday, I vacuumed it again but this time before I left for the gym.  I started at 5:45 or so.  Worked for 2 plus hours.  Then turned on the heater and left for the gym.

After my workout, I stopped at the pool supply place and picked up a small fortune of chemicals.  Came back – dumped in the chemicals and had breakfast.  Then – no it never ends – we worked on cleaning up the deck and setting it up for company – after all the grand kids where coming over for Father’s Day.

The family arrived mid-afternoon.  By then, the pool had warmed up from the Sun and the Heater enough to make it comfortable for the young’ns and the oldsters alike.  Grilled burgers and steaks – what could be better.  Friends dropped by just as the kids where leaving.   Now we could enjoy a drink and adult conversation.

The Pool is a tough task master.  I get the filter running as I leave for the gym.  Turn it off as I leave for work.  Turn it on when I get home from work.  Turn it off when we head for bed.  If I fail to stay on top of it, then dirt and Algae take over.  Soon it will be hot enough to take a swim when we get home from work – Nice – makes the effort worth it.

You can tell that Summer has taken over everyone’s lives.  Fewer Challengers are checking in.  Fewer people are keeping up with their blogs.  It is and easy time to forget about exercise and just enjoy.  It is any easy time to convince yourself that having all those summer foods is not bad – who cares about their carb count and while you’re at it – pass me another ice-cold beer.  

Summer is here – time to be outside – time to enjoy the warmth and camaraderie – is that really so bad?