Saturday will be Workout C of week 4 of my DIY workout program.  I have been relatively satisfied with it.  Made some modifications as I went along, but on the whole – it has worked out fine.  Now comes the problem.  My mind set is/was that this was a four-week program.  I intend(ed) to shake things up for the 2nd four weeks. 

It was much easier when all I needed to do was to flip the page in the book and do the next phase.  Someone else had already thought this through.  I did not have to do any thinking.  So now what?  Some possibilities:

  1. Just extend the program for another four weeks – after all – I have not maxed out my performance on most of the exercises and that will take me through the end of the Summer 52DC.
  2. Keep the same exercises but just rearrange them.
  3. Keep the same exercises but change the repetitions.   The 5’s become 10’s – the 10’s become 15’s – the 15’s become 5’s.
  4. Change all of the exercises or keep some and change others.

Last evening, I started the process.  Confronted these choices and ended up going nowhere fast.

Over the next two days, I will review how Chad Waterbury structured his HIAH programs and how Cosgrove and Schuler structured the NROL programs.

Part of my problem is a lack of a clearly defined goal.  You have to know where you are going in order to map out a plan on how to get there.  I will probably aim for a Hypertrophy rather than a Strength workout.  

I definitely will not focus on a Fat Loss workout.  These workouts have never achieved much for me.  I will stick to my TNT Low Carb diet and focus on maintaining my weight.

I believe that my first attempt at designing a workout was actually a Hypertrophy workout – just not clearly understood. 

Need to do more reading.  Maybe I should just sign up for an on-line Personal Trainer course.  At least that way – in retirement – I could be that “Old Guy” who teaches the Silver Sneakers program at the local gym.