I started off Sunday with my normal Cardio/3600 circuit workout.  Needed to get this in since I was facing a double-header.  First a political fund-raiser for a close friend.  It was hosted by a couple who own a local Italian restaurant.  Needles to say – the food was great.  I limited my self to TNT clean food and one drink.  Did a lot of talking and stayed away from the deserts. 

Had a series of conversations concerning my weight loss.  People are interested in the how.  I don’t volunteer the discussion but will respond in as much detail as they can tolerate.  The discussions naturally flowed into exercise.  One guy has come down with hip problems which are limiting his running.  He will not change.  He will not even look at resistance training.  He just wants to get his hip replaced so he can run again.

Then we went to a friend’s BBQ – birthday party.  He is a low carber so the food was clean.  Not even a birthday cake.  My wife made Gazpacho served with a tablespoon of sour cream.  His daughter brought a huge bowl of mixed fruit.  I picked out a dish of berries.

This morning started the 2nd half of the Summer 52DC.  I also started Phase 2 of my DIY workout.  I decided to keep basically the same exercises but just shake up the order and reps.   This morning was the Heavy workout.

I started with my usual warm up of 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 55 Decline Push-ups.  I do the crunches in one continuous shot, then move on to the push-ups.  Since I do those in sets, I alternated them with the Incline Reverse Crunches which was the start of my morning’s workout.

Workout A: 25 rep max – 5 reps per set

Incline Reverse Crunch:  15/10 I do these such that my feet end up aiming for the ceiling.  Just stops me from being bored.

Barbell Dead Lift:  Finally had the “heavy bar” available for these.  It was like adding an extra 10 pounds to the weights.  No problem.

EZ-Bar Pullover:  I had been doing these with a 45 pound bar at higher reps.  I increased the weights to 55 pounds.

Single-Leg Bench Get-up:  I moved away from the rail and used a bench that was lower than the one I had been using and had my thighs parallel to the floor and my knees bent at a 90 degree angle.  Mixed in with the falling over – was the start of some decent reps.

Lat Pull Down:  I moved the weight up to 130 pounds.  I should be able to get this one up to at least 150.

On the whole – it was a decent workout.  I’m happy with my progress.