Why do people believe that they are being nice by buying and putting various food items out by the coffee machine?  Sometimes it is “leftovers” from a party – but other times it is brand new food items.  Most of the time it is carb heavy items.  You know the type – highly processed salty and crunchy finger food – or chocolate in one form or another.

I believe that some individuals want to eat that food but do not want to eat it all. They put it out for themselves and only appear to be generous.  We have an office of dieting women and me.  I don’t put the food out – they do.

My “secretary” hates me – she put a Utz’s Country Store Pretzel Stix Barrel by the Coffee Machine.  Here are the specs:

1 oz serving = 5 pretzel sticks.

Each serving contains:

22 grams of carbs

1 gram of fiber

21 net grams of carbs

Do the math – that is a mere 4.2 grams of carbs per pretzel

There are 55 servings in the Barrel – or – 275 pretzel sticks or 1,155 grams of carbs in one Barrel.

Hey – 4 grams – I can have a small cheat – right – wrong!

that is like offering a beer to an alcoholic. 

Maybe I should just get a coffee pot for my own office.