I just had lunch with both my brothers.  This is an unusual event since my older brother lives in Florida and we are all rarely in the same place at the same time.  We are 69 – 66 – 63.  Yep – 3 years apart – I’m the guy in the middle and at 5’11”, the shortest.

As we were growing up, I was the fat unathletic guy.  My older brother was Mr. Cool and my younger brother was not far behind,  Neither carried an extra pound. 

Things have really changed.  My older brother smoked until his mid 40’s.  He was a runner and did work out.  Golf was his joy in retirement.  Today – well he has had back surgery and is now in constant pain.  He brought a pillow to sit on and had to break up a 4 hour car ride over two days.  He walks bent over with a limp.  He had to have his shoulder and rotator cuff area re-built and now has a limited range of motion in his left shoulder.  He has a small belly – more from lack of exercise and being hunched over than from being over weight.  He is on medication for COPD, along with a number of other medications for various ailments.

My younger brother, smoked until he was 60 and ended up hospitalized.  He has a severe case of COPD which impairs every aspect of his functioning.  He treats his COPD with natural remedies and supplements.  Seems to be working but his eating is out of control.  He has gained more weight than I’ve lost and looks 9 months pregnant. 

I stopped smoking at approximately age 23.  My lungs are OK and I hope they stay that way.  I am working hard to maintain my weight, my fitness and my health.

It was an interesting lunch.  If you looked at what I ate without knowledge of low carb eating, you would have assumed that I was the one eating out of control.  I think it was the Mayo which shocked my older brother.

His advice to me on exercise: use very light weights and don’t stress anything.  I chose not to discuss my workout.  The 52DC is coming to an end.  I guess I will sign up for the next one – and the one after that.

The one thing we do seem to have in common – even at our ages – we still have most of our hair and even my older brother is not fully grey.  That’s my Pop’s genes; at 93 he still had hair – thin but there – and still salt and pepper.  Thanks Pop.