I have been designing my own workout programs for the past two months.  It has been an interesting process made easier by Adam Campbell’s Men’s Health Big Book of Exercises.  The information contained in Chapter 2 along with the template on pages 28 and 29 allowed me to create my own 3 day template.

I had two further workouts to complete when the Summer 52DC ended.  I completed those and have been taking several days off.  Yeah – I feel guilty – but so what.

I just finished revising my workout for the next 4 weeks, which will take me through the start of the Fall 52DC.  I eliminated the 15 rep workout and have only one 5 rep and two 10 rep workouts.  I am still holding my total reps per set to 25.  Next time, I will probably eliminate a 10 and have two 5’s.  That just means I am pushing for strength.  Idiot that I am.  The modification is not massive but incremental – at least that was my aim.  Second guessing has become a fellow traveler in preparing these workouts.

I want to run through one full 3 workout program before I publish Phase 3.  Tomorrow will be Workout A, B on Monday and C on Wednesday.  If all goes well, I will publish the page on Wednesday or Thursday.

I am going to continue doing Push-ups and Swiss Ball Crunches as my warm-up.  I usually eliminate the push-ups on Plank days.   I may need to move some of the Push-ups to my home.

I will also continue doing the circuit that I have been doing for the 3600 Challenge paired with 20 minutes on the treadmill.  I want to push those to heavier weights as well. 

Some thoughts on modifying that circuit.

  • Chin-ups: Continue pushing these but rotate in shoulder width pull-ups.
  • Dumbbell Single Arm Swings: Increase the weight to 25 pounds and eventually use a Kettlebell.
  • Hanging Leg Raises: Continue but add some variations.
  • Dips: Start using my dip belt with added weight.
  • Cuban Presses: Decrease the reps and increase the weight on the 2nd and 3rd set.

The Fall 52DC starts on August 10th – damn I need that discipline.

ETA: I just got back from the gym.  First workout in over a week.  Increased my dead lift by 20 pounds and my Lat Pull Down by 10.  Kept the sets to 3 instead of 5.  Even the Single Leg Get Up was accomplished without falling over.  Great workout – I should rest more.