In this weekend’s USA Weekend magazine section (July 29-31, 2011) that comes with the Sunday paper, there was an article on Page 8, “5 ways to spot a bogus diet.”  Naturally I flipped to it.   The second item in the list was:

“It limits food choices.  Banning fat, sugar or carbs — or focusing your diet solely on one type of food, such as cabbage soup or grapefruits — is both nutritionally deficient and not sustainable.  The best way to keep weight off:  Eat health portions of a variety of foods, including protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.”

I find the article insulting.  It is supposedly from the doctors of the daytime TV show, The Doctors.  No author is credited.

Since when is sugar nutritionally necessary – what is sugar’s RDA?  If you want a shell game – then tell people to eat a bit of everything and sneak in the word “whole grains.”  Where do they get them – not in the regular grocery store at normal prices.  Not in the convenience food aisle.  Not at any affordable restaurant that I am aware of.

TommyLandNYC said it best when he commented something to the effect that eating Low Carb is the easiest program to follow if you are not limiting yourself to 100% home cooking.

The TNT Low Carb eating plan and its first cousin Atkins, are both nutritionally sound.  They are healthy both during the weight loss phase and the maintenance phase.

I am so tired of reading this BS and defending what I have been doing for the past 4 1/2 years.  The hell with it. 

There are so many of us out there that are living proof, that Low carbing is not Bogus.  Doctors – it is time you went back to school or stopped having someone else write your lines.

Rant Over.