I work out at a New York Sports Club.  Each month they have a new poster in the entrance area.  This morning the poster greeted me with: “68% of Americans are Overweight – 20% Think They Are.”

Statistics are wonderful, they will support any reality you want.  However, looking around any public area, proves the point that the overwhelming plurality of people are carrying way too much weight, while speaking with my friends assures me that most don’t believe that they are more than a couple of pounds above their ideal weight.  Yeah – right.

The Fall 52 Day Challenge starts on Wednesday, August 10th.  I have already signed up.  I have been doing these since the Summer 2008 Challenge.  I will continue to do them.  Why?  Simple – “Eye on the Ball.”

It is very easy to become distracted and lose focus, especially when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.  The Challenge helps me keep my focus. It is located on the Men’s Health Forums.

My Goals over the 52 days of the Challenge:

96 Clean Eats out of a possible 104.

20 Resistance Training Workouts

20 Cardio Training Workouts

Personal Goal 1:  Each of the 40 workouts will be no less than 40 minutes long.

Person Goal 2: Aside from my basic resistance training workouts which I will post tomorrow, I will do a series of 8 further exercises totalling 3600 reps, most of which are done in circuit format as part of my Cardio workout.

If you are curious – check us out.  Here is a link to the FAQs.