Count down time.  The Fall 52DC starts on Wednesday.  I need it.  No question.  This interlude – this summer – have really undermined my resolve.  Got to get back in the game.

Got up early and vacuumed the pool and cleaned the deck.  Turned on the pool heater – the grand kids are coming over.  Then had a cup of iced coffee with a scoop of Whey Protein along with a cup of Chobani no fat fruit yogurt.   Headed out to the gym.  I usually get there no later than 7:00 am on the weekend.  Today – 9:00am.  The parking lot was crowded; the gym floor was not.  The “classes” where in session. 

I did WORKOUT A: 25 Rep Max – 5 Reps per Set of my revised Design It Yourself  Workout – Phase 3.

Plank: I warmed up with 60 Swiss Ball crunches and 50 decline push-ups with my feet up on a bench.   That created a problem.  It made the first exercise – Planks – that much more difficult.  May have to skip the push-ups on Plank days.

Barbell Dead Lift: I have often stated that I do not strive to dead lift my body weight.  My days for doing that are long in the past – NOT.  Today I raised the weight to 130 pounds plus the bar which brings it to 170 +/- pounds.  Not sure of the Bar’s weight – it appeared to be thin.  I read somewhere that you should do each Dead Lift in a set as an independent movement, even letting it rest on the floor while you stand than get back into position for the next one.  I have been following this procedure and the result is an increase in the weight.  I may yet hit my body weight – for at least one rep.  That is now an unstated personal goal for the 52DC.

EZ-Bar Pullover:  Increased the weight to 65 pounds – nice.  Had to tell one guy to get his ass out-of-the-way.  He was part of a threesome dominating the bench next to me.

Single-Leg Bench Get-up:  My knees don’t like me – the hell with them.

Lat Pull Down: This is my intro to doing Pull-ups – palms forward – shoulder width.  I have mixed in a couple of pull-ups when I do my chin-ups.  Focusing on conquering this now that my left rotator cuff area has calmed down.  A year of Cuban Presses has paid off.

Great Workout – happy.