The prediction was for thunderstorms, so we bagged a day by the pool and ran errands at the Mall followed by an early movie.  I stocked up on all my vitamins, supplements and Whey protein.  Spent a fortune.  I have to re-think this regime.  We ate a Clean Meal at home.  This weekend included too many meals out with all the hidden carbs and calories.  The thunderstorms did not arrive until after 8pm – loud booming thunder with lots of lightning and wind.  Love it.

This morning was Workout B of my Design It Yourself Phase 3 program: 25 Rep Max – 10 Reps per Set.  I warmed up with 50 Swiss ball crunches and 50 decline push-ups.  Then moved onto the scheduled workout.

  • Roll Out: using the wheel not a barbell – the trick is to roll out as far as you can – getting farther.
  • Incline Dumbbell Bench Press:  The push-ups where my warm up for this one.
  • Dumbbell Squat:  I am limited only be my grip.
  • Seated Cable Row: Felt good.
  • Single-Leg DB Straight Leg Dead Lift:  Some days this works and some days it doesn’t – today it didn’t.

The 52DC starts on Wednesday.  Looking forward to it.  Seems to be a light turn out.  Some times – the sign-up is the heaviest the day before it starts.  We shall see.