I blew off exercising yesterday since it did not count towards the 52DC – no excuse – but lucky I did it.  Slept late.  Birthday party for my office administrator – cheese cake – I indulged.  The day ended with an evening dinner meeting for the “past presidents” of my BNI Chapter.  The experienced ones – huddled and planned out the future.  Decent meal – decent wine – and I ended up as the next president starting on October 1st.  How the hell did that happen.   

I did not get home until 10:30, so lost 45 minutes sleep time.   I would have skipped this morning’s workout – but it is Day One – and now things count.  Can’t let things slip this early in the game. 

This morning’s workout was Workout A of my DIY Phase 3 Workout: 25 Rep Max – 5 Reps per Set.  I warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 decline push-ups.  Followed by:

  • Core – Plank 1 min hold.  Since I did the push-ups first – I only did 3 Planks.
  • Glutes & Hamstrings – Barbell Dead Lift: New personal record.  I added 140 pounds to the Bar.  Not sure of the Bar’s weight – it definitely was not the 45 pounder but not 35 either.  I am going to call it 40 and declare 180 as my new PR.  Since I gained a couple of pounds over the summer – I still have not hit my body weight.  Hopefully that will change – either I will add more weight to the bar – or lose weight.  BUT – with that much weight on the bar – I only did three sets: 5-3-2.  Had I focused on doing 20-25 reps, I would not have had time to do the remainder of the workout. 
  • Upper Back – EZ-Bar Pullover: Held at 65 pounds – these are straight arms – not  bent arms aimed at your triceps.
  • Quadriceps – Single-Leg Bench Get-up: I get strange looks – damn them all – let them try this.
  • Lats – Lat Pull Down: (shoulder width palms forward) Held at 170. 

The article in MH, recommended that you do your hardest exercise first.  I did.  All the rest suffered just a bit but any other order – the Dead Lift would have suffered.  Felt good about that Dead Lift.  I wanted to drop the weight on the floor and have it make a loud sound – “Hey World – Look at me – I’m playing in the Big Dogs yard!”