Day One of week Two of the 52DC.  Headed for the gym early to get in another RT.  As always, had my TNT Plan B Protein & Carbs mix.  This morning was Workout A of DIY Phase 3 – the Heavy One.  

I had been anticipating this one.  Last go round, I managed to add 140 pounds to the bar.  I knew the bar was one of the thinner ones – meaning less than 45 pounds.  I figured that I did 180 – maybe.  I was real happy but was looking forward to today.  I wanted to hit or exceed my body weight.

Warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 Decline Push-ups, followed by 3 one minute Planks.  Then – on to the Dead Lift.

I did a couple of warm up dead lifts with the empty bar.  Great – it was the heavy one.  If I added the 140 pounds to it, then I would exceed my body weight by a pound or two.  I put a 45 and 25 pound weight on either side.  Then faced the test. 

You should not be doing Dead Lifts.  You are too old.  You have a bad back.  You’re effe’n crazy.”  The Greek Chorus chanted in my head.  I pushed to drown out the noise and hyper focus on the lift.

I bent down and squeezed the bar.  Then squatted and squeezed almost bouncing up and down.  Did this several times as I got my head and body ready to lift.  Then I did it.  Damn – that is one heavy lift – but – I got it up and set it down.  Yep – with a loud sound – but I did not drop it as so many do.  I stood up and prepared for another lift.  Did it again – a bit easier this time.  Then a third time.  Time for a break.  I did two more sets of three and was happy to be finished.  I did not want to push myself further.

I started to unload the bar.  WTF – on the right side I had loaded a 45 + 35.  Moved to the left side.  This one I loaded 45 + 25.  It took me a minute to process what just happened.  First – I did 195 pounds – a solid 10+ pounds over my body weight.  Second – my body compensated for the imbalance.

Mostly – I realized that had I known what was happening – I probably would not have been able to do it.  Our own thoughts and perceptions can be a substantial limiting factor.   Glad I did not know the truth.

So there it is – an accidental Dead Lift Personal Record of 195 pounds.  Where do I go from here?