Irene good night, Irene good night
Good night Irene, Good night Irene
I’ll see you in my dreams”

It is 11:30am and the storm is pulling out into New England.  We are on the back side and the winds and rain are subsiding.  The sky is brightening and a Dove flew by.   The direction of the wind has changed.

We spent Friday afternoon and Saturday, preparing for the worst.  Candles are spread around the house.  Flashlights with fresh batteries are lined up and on the night stand.  Fresh water is in the fridge which is packed with food to last us a couple of days.  The bathtub was washed and filled with water.  Lowered the pool by 8 inches (not enough).  Brought in every outside thing that was light enough to take flight and tied down the rest.

We have not lost electricity, telephone or internet service – yet – and there have been no water usage warnings. 

Damage:  Two Large tree limbs broke and are hanging in the pool.  The Basement has 3 inches of water.  PuroClean has been called to pump out the basement.  We are lucky that the guy who has the local franchise is a friend.  I will go out in another hour or so – once the wind is gone – and try to cut back the tree limbs until a Tree Service can get here.

I did an RT yesterday and this morning should have been a CT.  I may yet get there.  I just don’t know the level of damage in the area and which roads are passable.  I don’t know if the gym is even open.  It is one of those flat-roofed buildings – so I expect that they may not even be dry. 

The main reason I try to stay on top of my 52DC goals is just this type of bump in the road.  It may not be a storm, but it could be an illness or any one of a 1,000 other variables that get in the way. 

Right now I have cabin fever and want to get out of this house.

Good night Irene, Good night Irene, I’ll see you in my dreams.

ETA:  When I typed the above – I thought the worst was over.  Nope.  The wind just kept on coming with mild rain.  We lost power shortly after this post.  Got the power back for 3 hours around dinner time.   Stayed on long enough for my wife to make low carb strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries.  Lost power at about 8pm.  It was off all night and still off this morning.   I went to the gym and got in an RT.  I also showered and shaved there. 

The water in the basement kept on coming – maybe 6 inches or so.

My office building is without power.  I can not get in the building.  I can not access my work computer.  I am unable to get the work done that I need to do.

The Power went back on about 12:30 or so today.  We have spent the afternoon cleaning up outside.

I just go internet service back within the past hour.

What a mess.