One of the 52DC Challengers, Nukehed is newly following the TNT Low Carb program.  In today’s posting, he lamented:

The eating is on a vast slippery slope and I’m wearing the wrong shoes. I will say one thing about TNT…it seems as if carbs are EVERYWHERE!  Seriously, it seems 80% of what I see at the store has carbs; a lot of carbs. It’s time to go find some TNT recipes. I’m getting tired of salads.

His statement is Truth.  Carbs are everywhere.  I would even venture that the number is higher than 80%.  For the most part, if the food has been processed and comes in a bag, box, can or bottle, it will have added carbs.  Not always, but usually.

Fresh vegetables are what they are.  Almost all veggies have carbs but unless they are starchy vegetables, it just doesn’t matter.  Frozen or canned veggies follow the same rules, unless they have been processed and have additions – translation – carbs.

Meats and fish follow the same rules.  Fresh equal no carbs.  Processed – read the label and see what was added. 

The bottled and boxed items that are in my fridge are things such as Butter, Cream, Olive Oil, Salad Dressings, Mayo, sauces and seasonings of one form or another.  The basic items – no worry.  Salad dressings and sauces – read the labels.

One truth exists:  If it says Low Fat than it has added Carbs.  The exceptions are a rarity.

As Nukehed so eloquently stated, Carbs are EVERYWHERE!