Did and RT this morning – Workout B of DIY Phase 3.  Had mixed results.

I warmed up with 50-60 Swiss Ball Crunches – lost count, which immediately clues you in on where my head was at.  Then Decline Push-ups.  I could not find the hand grips, so I used 5 pound dumbbells.  They are an OK substitute.  I managed to do a set of 40 – not the best form, rested and then 10. 

The first exercise was the Ab Wheel Roll Out.  No problem – just the grip is not the best.

Moved on to Incline Dumbbell Press.  Warmed up with 30 x 10 and moved onto 50’s and there I had a problem getting them up.  It actually took me 3 tries on the first go round to get them air-borne, then one struggling try on the 2nd set.  Did not do a 3rd set.  Once I get them up and moving, I was OK.  Annoying.

I believe that the combination of the push-ups and the Ab Wheel immediately preceding this exercise contributed to the problem.  I am going to re-arrange this and try not doing push-ups immediately before the exercise. 

Then I moved on to the Dumbbell Squats.  I was scheduled to use 50’s again.  My problem – the grip – not the weight.  I switched to a Trap Bar.  Put two 45’s on it. The bar itself probably weighs in at 30-45 pounds. It is a great way to do squats. The grip is better and you can use heavier weights.

Finished the workout and went home.  Maybe it was because Friday is my normal day off and I worked out anyway.  Rest is important – could that be the reason.  Who knows.