I am getting dizzy reading the health and nutrition news.  I have always felt guilty about my addiction to coffee – No More.

Coffee will protect against Prostate Cancer.

Coffee will protect against Head & Neck Tumors.

Coffee will protect against Skin Cancer.

Coffee will protect against Alzheimer’s.

Ever since my kids were in health class in school and were taught the evils of alcohol, my glass of wine with dinner went out the door. Once they finally went out the door, we reintroduced wine with dinner, particularly Shiraz. The TNT diet allows two 4oz glasses of wine a day. But – I have always felt guilty about enjoying that glass of wine.  No More. 

Now – a glass or two of Wine a day is good for you.

I have also felt guilty about my love of Chocolate – No More.

Eat Chocolate every day it is Good for you.  This is not a surprise to those of us who watched Woody Allen’s “Sleeper.”

I am going to parse through all of Woody Allen’s movies for more Nutrition Advice.  Of course, I will have my coffee and dark chocolate by my side.