On page 48 of the September 12, 2011, issue of Time Magazine is the featured article by Dr. Mehmet Oz, entitled “The Oz Diet.”  Bluntly, it is a continuation of his half-truths and self promotion.  I do hate that man.  I want to know, who is the Man behind the curtain.  He implores us to: “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.  The Great Oz has spoken.”

So lets pull back the curtain and expose some of his snake oil salesmanship.

He refers to the Atkins diet twice by name.  Both times he adds the word “Craze” to the sentence.  First, it was “the Atkins craze.”  Later on he links it to “Other fads have included diets that dramatically restrict our food choices.”  He miss represents the Atkins diet: “The Atkins regimen – lots of meat and very few carbohydrates (including the natural sugars in fruits and vegetables) … Market forces fed the craze.”  He defines “too much red meat (as ) more than 18 oz per week” without so much as a reference to any study or research and denigrates Atkins for the “much-relied-on meats.”

This biased view plays into our fears and totally misrepresents Atkins and by extension all Low Carb eating programs.  It is just false.  He once again focuses on the much ballyhooed induction phase as being the entirety of the Atkins program.  He makes no distinction between eating for weight loss versus eating to maintain your weight.

For a man who is supposed to be telling Truths and doing away with Myths, he instead propagates the Myths he favors – all in order to keep us mesmerized by his Wizardry, so that we buy his books and watch his TV show.

But as with all Charlatans, he mixes his sales talk with truths.  This is one I personally like:

“When you take all the fat out of milk, you’re left with too high a concentration of natural sugars, which interacts like candy with your hormones, especially insulin.”

Please pass the cream for my coffee.