This morning was busy.  Woke a couple of minutes early and moved faster than usual.  Had my TNT pre workout Coffee with a scoop of protein powder and a cup of Chobani No Fat Fruit on the Bottom yogurt (which Costco has ceased carrying).  Took out the garbage and re-cycling.  Still got to the gym early.  Today was DIY Phase 4 Workout A – the Heavy one.  Another RT towards my 52DC goal.

I set up to do Dead Lifts.  The guy next to me – who is one of these single digit body fat over the top muscle guys who really works his ass off each day – told me I should be wearing a belt to keep my back in the right form.  He was being instructive – not condescending.  I had a total of 90 pounds on the bar at that moment.  I ended up doing a set with 160 pounds on the bar.

And there is the quandary.  I have read that wearing a belt actually undermines muscle development and does not really help.   Although Wikipedia is not the final arbiter of knowledge, here is a quick quote:

Weightlifting belts, which are meant to support the back through abdominal pressure. Controversy exists regarding the safety of these devices and their proper use is often misunderstood. 

 A more indepth discussion can be found at the Livestrong site.  The most telling quote:

Finally, use of the weight lifting belt reduces the recruitment of back muscles during exercise. This leads to de-training of the muscles and predisposes you to injury when not wearing the belt.

Still every guy doing any level of significant weights uses a belt.

What is your opinion?  Let me know.

Oh yeah – on the way home – I voted in the local Primary.