The alarm went off waking and bringing me only to a level of confusion.  Usually, I am up before the alarm.  I stumbled into the bathroom and just stood there in the dark.  The voices in my head argued.  “Go back to sleep you will be on vacation next week and can double up on your workouts.” – “No – get it done today and allow yourself to enjoy your vacation.”  I stood there – holding onto the back of a chair until the voices quieted down and I decided to go to the gym.  What did it matter if it was not the best workout or if all I did was to go through the motions.  Another 40 minute RT would have been chalked up.

I might as well have been walking backwards – but I got my coffee/protein/yogurt down my throat and headed for the car.  Should I have even been driving?  I got to the gym a solid 10 minutes or more later than usual.  Started my warm up of crunches and push-ups followed by roll-outs.  By the time I finished the warm-up, the coffee had kicked in.

Today was Workout B of DIY Phase 4 – 25 rep max per exercise and 10 rep max per set.   The first exercise – the decline bench press.  Started with 35s and did 12 reps.  Moved up to 50s knowing that I may have to back down.  I got them up and did 10 reps.  Walked around for almost 2 minutes and went for another set with the 50s – surprise – got them up again and squeaked out another 10 reps. 

Moved onto Squats using the trap bar instead of dumbbells.  I am able to do more weight like this.  Happy that the BBOE gave me an alternative.  Starting to get the hang of loading this bar – not the easiest to handle.  Did a set of 5 with 140 pounds – then two sets of 10 with 90 on the bar.  I need to approach this with a little more caution.

All in all it was a pretty good work out for just going through the motions.

Tomorrow is my normal day off from working out.  It is also a travel day down to Florida.  My plan – on the way to our vacation digs – stop and buy a week’s membership at the local gym.  Important things first.