Yeah – I know – that is one strange Blog title – especially for a guy that not only does not play tennis but also does not follow it or watch it on TV.   So what’s up.

This past Friday, we headed down to Florida.   I am always a bit crazy getting to the airport and making sure we actually make our flights.  This trip was no different.

We flew JetBlue and paid for “extra room” seats because they were the only ones left that my wife and I could both have aisle seats across from each other.  The two seats next to me remained empty until almost the last moment.  Then two women sat down.  One was rather tall the other short and slight.  They both carried bags as if they were 10-year-old girls, including fluffy muppet dolls sticking out of the carry ons which came out and were on their person the whole trip.  We settled in. 

My wife leans across the aisle and whispers – “The guy next to me says that the tall woman is Serena Williams.”  Now I have to look and figure this out without being totally obvious.  YEP – its her.  She is sitting next to the window.  I’m on the aisle.  Eventually the girl next to me leans forward and there is a Tennis Association something or other printed on the back of her jacket.  Confirmed.

Some observations:

  • There was no entourage and she put her heavier carry on in the overhead compartment without help.
  • She watched or at least had Sponge Bob  on the TV the whole trip.
  • The book she didn’t really read was “Deadly Angel.”
  • She dozed more than she was awake.
  • For those of you with a salacious mind – there was no obvious “partners” relationship going on with her travelling companion.
  • At one point, she slid past me to head for the toilet.  Her legs and glutes – yeah the whole kit and caboodle was one mass of taut muscle.  I was so jealous.
  • There was no one meeting her to help with luggage.  She got her’s off the conveyor belt by herself. 

I wondered if I should have any interaction – ask for an autograph or just let her be.  I respected her privacy and let her be.  What would you have done?

As we drove to our vacation digs, we stopped at the Power House gym so I could buy a week’s membership.  $30.00 well spent.  I have had two workouts already.  Can’t let my 52DC schedule fall behind.