It is nice to be able to go some where warm, quiet, less demanding – just away from the demands of the normal day.  Vacations fall into different catagories.  This one was Low Key.  No Touring.  No Partying.  Just Being.  We are lucky that we have a place to go in south Florida.  Our own Kitchen.  Our own space.  A common Pool long enough to do laps.  All of the modern conveniences without the pressure.  Add a gym that I can buy into a week at a time that has most all of the equipment that I use – and you get our own little paradise.

This time around we did not hit the restaurants.  Today was supposed to be THE Day for that.  We met friends for breakfast at The Original Pancake House.  We ordered a Dutch Baby with fresh strawberries and an Apple Baby.  Split them – half for each of us – my wife and I.  Our friends had baked omelets. 

This evening we were due to go out to dinner with another set of friends.  The plan fell apart – she was not felling up to snuff.  They picked up food and steaks to grill.  A bottle of wine and good friends – what more do you need.

The food was not low carb – but – today was my re-feed day.  I had planned for it and it is part of my Plan E TNT program.  Still guilt abounds – will it ever not?

My birthday is coming up – all to quick.  They presented me with a card.  On the front was a sexy lady in a bikini eating a banana.  On the inside it said: “If all you’re thinking about is how much potassium she’s getting, you’re older than I thought.”  I guess these are the cards you get once you are “mature.”

Tomorrow morning, I will hit the gym early for my last required RT – 52DC goal – complete.  I will have two CTs left and only 10 repetitions of the Cuban Press to hit my 3600 goal. 

Then we start packing.  The one thing about not staying at a hotel – there is no maid to clean up after you.  We have to clean the place, wash the sheets and towels, take out the garbage, and get it ready for the next visit – hopefully in early November.

I should complete the 52DC goals by Wednesday if not earlier.  Have no choice.  The end of the week is just not available for exercise.  So many things happening – including a birthday cake.  😉

One other thing:  I have spent some time re-reading Adam Campbell’s MH BBOE – in particular – the workout template that I have based my DIY workout on.  Picked up some pointers to sharpen the focus.  So much to learn.

ETA: Just got back from doing Workout B of DIY Phase 4.  Had to substitute Dumbbell Squats for Trap Bar – No Problem.  52DC RT Goal completed.  Threw in one set of 10 Cuban Presses to complete my 3600 Goal.  Two more 40 minute CTs to wrap up this Challenge.  Today is a travel day.  Saturday morning is a training day for a position I take over on October 1st.  So my next workout is Sunday.  This coming week is a short workout week – but I planned for it – so I should be OK.