I hosted the 52DC yesterday.  My Quote of the Day was:

You are too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. Jennifer J. Freeman

I worked out early Thursday morning before we packed up and came back from vacation.  Our flight was delayed due to rain up and down the eastern seaboard.  Just as we got on the road to head home, we got the call.  Our adult son was taken to the hospital with unexplained pains in his abdomen, so we headed directly to the hospital.  I was with him in the ER until they decided to check him in.  Got home at 11:30 and in bed by midnight. 

The next morning, Friday is my early morning business meeting.  Got up earlier than usual – 5:30 – and ran an errand for my son.  After the meeting, we went to work and spent time either on the phone with him or at the hospital.  I posted the Daily Thread at about 8:30pm and did a couple of replies.

Saturday was an early morning LT training session for BNI.  Got back at 1:30 and did my host of the day replies.  My wife covered numerous errands including those for my son.  She went to the hospital and then headed out to Costco.  I picked up a change of clothing at his house and played with the grandkids – they are having a tough time.  Then I went to the hospital, dropped off his clothing, picked up his dirty clothes and met my wife at Costco to finish the shopping.  Got home, caught our breath, threw his clothing in the wash and headed to friends for dinner and a couple of glasses of wine – medicinal. 

Today, I got in another early morning 40 minute workout to polish off my next to the last CT.  Spent the rest of the day getting the house ready for a big family dinner Wednesday evening.  Hopefully he will be out of the hospital and at the table, otherwise it will be really depressing.

Now we are heading into the City to see Stomp.  I could blow this off, but my wife wants to get out.  On the way home, we will stop at the hospital and drop off his freshly washed clothing.

Yeah – I am burned out.  Lousy workout this morning.  But – I got it done.

ETA: Got in the car and headed for the City.  Phone call came in from my son.  The Powers That Be have decided that his difficulty is more than they can handle and are shipping him to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.  We swung off the highway and headed for his house.  Met his wife – who cut her shopping trip with the kids short.  We stayed with the kids – she went to the hospital to spend time with him, since we have no idea when transport will take him there.  The hospital is a 40 minute trip, a bridge toll and a parking lot fee.  Been there and done that all too many times.

Fun time with the grandkids.  Chased the 6 yo up and down the street as he rode his bike.  I should get an extra CT for that.  It was a good time.

Our DIL got back and we headed home.  My wife is cooking for Wednesday night – but who knows.  My son is insistent that the dinner goes on so his kids can be part of it.  We are not so sure.  Time will tell.

I have learned one important lesson over the years – the normal routine and structure must continue – for everyone’s sake.  I will go to the gym tomorrow morning and get in an RT.  Gotta do it to remain sane.