I have been testing out some variations in developing the next Phase of my Design It Yourself Workout along with modifications to my warm up and 3600 circuit.   I keep looking for ways to keep things interesting and the BBOE has more than enough alternatives to help me achieve that goal.  All of this has to be in place for October 19th, the start of the 2011 Classic 52DC.

The Single Leg Decline Push-up looked like a simple modification.  While doing the decline push-up with my feet on a bench, I would merely lift one leg in the air.  This is supposed to bring into play more of my core muscles and put more pressure on my arms and back.  It does – but it also brings into play my thigh muscles.  Wow.  I do 10 with the right leg and then 10 with the left as one set.  Then a second set and then a third but only 5 and 5 to bring it to 50.  Previously, I was able to do 35 in one set.  Have to get back to that number.

The Weighted Dip is not new, I just have not been doing them because I was focusing on volume, not strength.  That has now changed.  I am doing the Dip with a 25 pound weight which reduces my ability to only 8 dips in a set.

The Weighted Back Extension is a new exercise.  I am using a 35 pound weight and can still do 15 reps.  Gonna increase that to 45 pounds.

Today I increased my Barbell Bench Press from 35 pound plates to 45’s and with the heavier bar.  Felt good.  My biggest concern is losing control since I do not do this with a spotter.  I am taking this one slow.

Did not have time to do the final exercise of today’s program – I still did 40+ minutes and it was a good workout.  Tomorrow is my CT/Circuit day and then I will not be able to exercise again until Sunday.  By then, I want to have my new program in place.