Since losing the weight, I have had to throw out almost all of my clothing.  It has been an expensive project to replace everything.  I still have a piece here or there that I am having trouble parting with.  I may just package them up and put them in the basement where all of the “pending” items go.

It has always surprised me just where the weight has come off and where it has hung around.  😦  Some areas are obvious but others are not so obvious.  Watch bands are just one such item.  My wrists are super thin.  My watch bands could not be made any tighter and they had become unwearable.  I put off making any adjustments with the hope that all the exercising I am doing would result in some girth being added in that area.  No such luck.  I have been wearing a $10.00 watch with a rubber adjustable strap.  I had bought it off a sales rack at Walgreens for the purpose of wearing to the beach.  It had become my only wearable watch.

Not any more.  I finally got around to having the bands adjusted.  Needed to go to a jeweler.  Picked two of them up today.  One is a work watch, the other for dress.  Nice to have them back.  A third one was just given to me for my birthday.  That will be another week.  I had wanted a leather adjustable band, but could not find one attached to a watch I wanted.  So be it.

Still to be adjusted – two dress rings.  I do not wear rings at work – except for my wedding band.  Rings and watches annoy me while sitting at my desk and working.   I don’t know how so many people exercise wearing watches, bracelets, multiple rings and necklaces.  My one decent bracelet still works fitting loosely.

Damn – I had better not gain any weight.