This has not been the easiest couple of weeks.  Ever since September 22nd we have been dealing with one family crises after another.  My son has been in and out and back in the hospital since that night.  Last night, while in the hospital, he spiked a high fever out of no where.  Mayhem. 

We were just setting up a family dinner with his wife and kids and her parents.  They had just come for dinner after visiting him at the hospital when the call came in.  She left for the hospital with her dad driving.  We stayed with the kids.  Today he is much better and the cause is unknown.

Unfortunately, my ability to limit my carbs went out the door with them.  On a positive note – it fueled this morning’s workout.

At the same time, my daughter who lives on the other coast, is combating a severe allergy reaction from an unknown cause.  Her entire body is covered in massive hives.  She ended up in the ER this morning.  

A short time ago, we got a phone call from her, giving her status, then just a moment later, a call from him giving his status.  My head hurts.

This morning, I was the first guy through the gym door at 7am.  Today was a low rep high weight day and the first run through of my revised DIY Phase 5 Workout A.

WORKOUT A: 20 Rep Max – 5 reps sets

  • Planks – After doing 50 push-ups – doing 3 @ 30 seconds each was enough. 
  • Barbell Dead Lift – Bar x 10, Bar+90 (135 lbs.) x 5 reps x 4 sets.  I am going to start pushing up the weight – again.
  • Seated Cable Row – 4 sets of 5 x 140
  • Single-Leg Body Squat – I am so bad at this – of course someone else was using the stable platform.  Headache
  • Standing Cable Pull Over – Finding the right weight was tough.

As usual, I warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 Decline Push-ups.  The main difference – the push-ups are now single leg.  Really adds to the difficulty of the exercise.  Doing these before the Planks makes the Planks more difficult.

It was a good workout.  Most important – it gave me an escape from the pressures of life.   From the moment the alarm rings, I am no longer concerned with the problems of the day.  I am focused on getting on my gym clothes, packing my bag, preparing and having my pre-workout shake, driving to the gym, checking in, putting my stuff in a locker, slipping on the workout gloves, heading for the gym floor, doing my workout, recording my progress, packing it in and heading home.  Wrap this all in the package of the 52DC and I am a happy man.

The structure and repetitiveness are comforting.  Having to really focus on what I am doing or drop a heavy weight on myself, forces the other thoughts from my mind.  It has become a necessary and deserved respite.