This morning was the final workout of my new DIY Phase 5 program.   Warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches and 50 Decline Push-ups.  Did not do the single leg push-ups since my next exercise was Mountain Climbers.  Enough is enough.

WORKOUT C: 25 Rep Max – 10 reps per set

  • Mountain Climber: Did 3 sets of 30.  Next time will aim for 40.  Not as difficult as they look.
  • Barbell Squat: Kept the weights at 50 pounds on the Heavy Bar and focused on the depth of squat.
  • Barbell Bench Press:  Kept the weights at 50 pounds on what was probably a Medium weight Bar and focused on form
  • Weighted Back Extension:  Surprised myself – did these with a 45 pound plate.
  • Barbell Press:  Just did these with the Heavy Bar (45 lbs.) alone.  I should probably move this up front and focus on it, rather than last up.

Need to polish the program and post it as a page.  I have my program for the first half of the 52 Day Challenge set and ready to go.  The Challenge starts this coming Wednesday – looking forward to it.