This has been a hell of an eating weekend.

Friday evening we went to dinner with friends.  We chose a place where we had a $25.00 off coupon and they had a $50.00 gift certificate.  Fancy place – made affordable.  What I ordered was not terrible on the surface.  Caprese salad to start.  The tomatoes were grilled which was a nice touch and the mozzarella cheese was fresh.  The balsamic vinegar reduction sauce was probably loaded with sugar.  The entrée was chicken masala.  The sauce was not all that bad but there was a delicious portion of risotto, which I enjoyed.  The carrots – had one and left the rest.  No dessert.

Saturday was a Brunch/Lunch wedding reception for our friend’s son and his new wife.  The tray service was limited but had some breading.  The wine was – happily – served in small glasses.  The Buffett was long and inviting with both breakfast and dinner foods.  Limited myself to the protein and veggies.  Some of the sauces were spiked and one chicken dish had some breading.  Had a very small piece of pumpkin cheese cake.  All in all – not bad.  A bit too much wine but not over the top – after all, I had to drive home.

This afternoon was my grandson’s 4th birthday party.  I am soooo weak.  I had way too many potato chips and veggie sticks (vegetable chips).  Then two slices of pizza (not that good) and a slice of birthday cake (to die for).  Everyone knows that your grandson’s birthday cake has no carbs and no calories. 

All the rest of my weekend eating was spot on TNT Plan B.  It will be interesting to see how the scale treats me tomorrow and the day after and the day after that.

Sadly – most people would consider my weekend of eating – normal – if not restrained.  Why do I feel guilty?

The Classic 52DC starts on Wednesday.  I need the discipline.

One footnote:   One of the guests was my former Personal Trainer.  I had used him because he was a personal friend of the “groom.”  He was also the King of the Gym’s PTs.  His focus on balance exercises has stood me well.  Had an interesting chat with him.  He is not a Low Carb fan – but said that he was limiting his grains and gluten.  I chuckled.