Tomorrow is the first day of the 2011 Classic 52 Day Challenge.   It is called the “Classic” because it was the very first.  As time went on it evolved into five 52 day challenges: Classic, Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.   SuperPup and I attempted to accumulate the recollections of those that were there in the beginning.  Check out the 52DC History.

The following are my goals for the next 52 Days:

Core Goals:

  • CE: 96
  • RT: 20
  • CT: 20

Personal Goals:

  • PG1: 40-4-40
  • PG2: 3600 Challenge
  • 1>Swiss Ball Crunches: 800
  • 2>Single Leg Decline Push-Ups: 800
  • 3>Chin/Pull-ups: 400
  • 4>DB Single Arm Swings: 400
  • 5>Hanging Leg Raises: 400
  • 6>Weighted Dips: 400
  • 7>Cuban Presses: 400

My Resistance Training (RT) will be my DIY workout.  The one I am doing now (Phase 5) will last about 4 weeks, then I will move on to another variation on the theme.  I will be doing workout C on Day One.

The Swiss Ball Crunches and Decline Push-ups (1 & 2) are part of my warm up on Resistance Training days. The Single Leg aspect is a way of increasing the difficulty of the push-up and may end up with other variations on the theme.

The other 5 exercises (3-7) are done in a circuit format after I do 20 minutes on the Treadmill – all as part of my Cardio Training (CT) day.  I am switching from shoulder width Chin-ups to Shoulder width Pull-ups to increase the difficulty and vary the movement.  I have also changed the Dips to “weighted.”  Finally going to get some use out of that Dip Belt.

Rarely do any of my workouts fall short of 40 minutes. Most of the time they last between 45-60 minutes.  The 40-4-40 will be a slam dunk – if I complete the RT and CT goals

Naturally, Clean Eating (CE) will be to follow TNT Diet Program. I am presently doing Plan B with an occasional re-load day.