This morning, the gym opened at 7:00 – two hours later than usual and one hour after I normally get there.  I took advantage and slept an hour longer.  Great.  Felt good.  Had a K-cup of the Revv Pulse with Ginseng and Guarana.  The extra caffeine alone is enough – who knows if the other stuff has any impact.  Mixed in a scoop of Chocolate Whey Protein and had a cup of Chobani No-Fat strawberry Yogurt (TNT Plan B) and I was ready to go.  The drive takes 10 minutes and another 5 to be on the floor – the coffee, protein and carbs had hit the system and I was in Go To It mode.

Warmed up with 50 Swiss Ball Crunches, 50 Single Leg Decline Push-ups and 20 Body Weight Back Extensions.  Today was a Heavy Day.

DIY Phase 5 – WORKOUT A: 20 Rep Max – 5 reps per set

  • 1 Core – Ch 10 Stability – Planks– 30 sec hold (p 278): 
  • 2A Glutes & Hamstrings – Ch 9 – Barbell Dead Lift(p 248)
  • 2B Upper Back – Ch 5 –  Seated Cable Row(p 92)
  • 3A Quadriceps – Ch 8 – Single-Leg Body Squat(p 197)
  • 3B Lats – Ch 5 –  Standing Cable Pull Over (p 107)

SixGz asked about my progress on the Dead Lifts.  I had pulled back from a frontal assault on 225.  I wanted to do some work on secondary muscles.  That is why I added the weighted back extensions and the Trap Squats.  Both are complimentary to the Dead Lift.  The Planks help as well.  His question lit a fire under my lazy arse.

I started with just the Bar.  Needed to wake up some muscle memory.  Moved onto two 45 pound plates – did a set, then added 25s and finally switched them out with 35s.  This was where I was the last time.  Did one set of 4.  Happy.  I believe that 225 is probably my one rep max but not going to try it yet.  Maybe next week or the week after.  Time and my brain will tell.

I was distracted by two guys on the station next to me having a loud chat.  First about cars, then one guy’s dad’s car, then dad’s fight with Hep-C, then his misspent youthful indulgence with drugs.  I was about ready to tell them to shut the **** up when the one guy continued on saying that he is on leave from work because his meds have stopped working and he was hallucinating – at work.  His psychiatrist had told him to go back to working out, since it was important to his mental well-being.  I know what he does and where he works.  We have crossed paths in our work capacity.  Ouch.

Moved on to the remainder of the workout.  Another guy was using the bench I needed for single leg squats.  I used a step on the assisted dip machine.  Actually worked well since there was a place to steady my balance while doing this insane maneuver.

Because this was a heavy workout, the rest periods were longer.  Total time about 60+ minutes.  Great workout.

Love the weekend and the extra time to workout.

Footnote:  When I walked into the  gym, I realized they had gotten rid of some machines and rearranged the space to give the personal trainers more area to make money.  The equipment I use for the 3600 circuit has been spread out.  This is going to mess with that workout.  Tomorrow is my Cardio day and that is when I do the circuit.  Gonna be an interesting day.  Check back and I will let you know just how crazy I got.