Today is the start of week two of the Classic 52DC and once again it was an RT day. 

DIY Phase 5 Workout C: 25 rep max – 10 reps per set

  • Mountain Climber: 3 – 30 second sets
  • Barbell Squat: Made sure the Heavy Bar was on the rack.  Did one set of 10 with just the Bar and than put on 70 pounds and did 2 sets of 10 and one set of 5.
  • Barbell Bench Press: I moved the Heavy Bar to the Bench and did 10 reps with the Bar alone, then added 70 pounds and did two sets of 10.
  • Weighted Back Extension: Unless I switch to a Dumbbell I am stuck holding a 45 pound plate.
  • Barbell Press: Ended up with the medium weight bar.  Did one set of 10 – bar only, then added 20 pounds and two sets of 10 reps.

In doing the weighted back extensions, I have to carry a 45 pound plate from one side of the gym to the other side – probably a solid 30 paces.  My initial reaction – annoyance.  Then I read an article – somewhere.  What I was doing was called the “luggage carry.”  Now I have to remember which arm I carried the plate with going to the back extension unit so I can switch to the other arm on the way back.  Another exercise and I am not even logging it.  It’s all the way you look at it.  😉

There are 3 different weight Barbells floating around the gym.  I never paid attention until one guy started weighing them.  It turns out that there is only one 45 pounder, two at about 40 pounds and one around 35 pounds.  You can only tell by the thickness of the bar.  I try to keep track of which bar I am using and mark it on my log.

ETA: After I pressed the “publish” button for this post, I decided to check on-line for the actual “standard” weights.  There seems to be a lack of consistency.  The main weights I found are: 20 kg/44.09 lbs; 15 kg/33.07 lbs; 10 kg/22.05 lbs.  I am now totally confused.  I believe that the heaviest is the 20 kg.  I do not believe that the lightest is 10 kg but I am going to have to give this another look see.  I believe the lightest is the 15 kg with another in the middle.  The problem is not being able to take a scale out to the gym floor.  I have faith in the weight of the heaviest at 20 kg.  The guy who originally did the weighing is an engineer and very specific. 

I just wish I had listened better when he was giving the weights on the lesser bars.     Doh


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